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Meshmade is the official Mobotix Partner in Cyprus, providing the optimum security solutions with its IP Security Cameras

The Mobotix Cyprus IP Security Camera Surveillance Team in Cyprus

We, at MeshMade Limited, are a team of Professional Engineers. Aside from IP Surveillance, our tailored tasks include consulting and custom installations for our clients, wired and wireless building automation, Multi-Room/Multi-Source Audio/Video, Alarm Systems, Networks, and IP Telephony.

We are a leading Mobotix partner here in Cyprus and we have installed the most Mobotix cameras in Cyprus than any other provider.

Constant Pursuit towards the Best Result

Our goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our engineers take pride in providing the best possible solutions and informing you of your available approaches to complete your MeshMade experience. Our innovation is inspired by frequenting international trade shows to bring you the latest technology, receiving training and certification with ongoing R&D to provide a customized and reliable MeshMade system."

Basil HadjiMichael, MeshMade Ltd.

MeshMade Ltd offers a complete turnkey solution that includes a fully integrated design and development team. As a result, our elite clientele enjoys an unrivalled level of communication, individual attention and ease. We uphold Professional & high quality standards for our deliverables, from design to implementation to testing and commissioning, and most importantly after sales support. We treat every customer project as our own.

Our Verticals

  • Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Industrial

We are Certified Experts at what we do

Meet the team! Feel free to contact us and ask about our IP Camera Security Solutions. We are happy to help!