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Mobotix Software

MOBOTIX Management Center (MxMC)

Scalable • High Performance • Easy to Use • H.264/ONVIF

The new MOBOTIX Management Center(MxMC) is a complete new development for PC/MAC/Linux systems with the focus on a unique and intuitive user experience, providing the highest cost savings and flexibility in the market. Following the MOBOTIX software concept, MxMC is 100% included in the MOBOTIX portfolio, requiring no extra software, license or update costs.

MxMC can be used in projects independent of the number of cameras or the mix of products incl. doorstation, MxDisplay, accessories, storage devices, etc. All MOBOTIX products in the network will be automatically detected and can be configured with the brand-new graphical user interface without any web browser, easy and intuitive. So, it is possible to setup a complete system of cameras, home automation and alarm devices in the shortest time without extra software and license fees. Especially the configuration management of MxMC will help to reduce installation, configuration and maintenance costs dramatically.

Intuitive Layout View

MxMC helps users to manage huge numbers of cameras by sorting and structuring devices into groups and different layout views.

In order to flush-mount the MxDisplay in a building and at the same time maintain its sleek design, MOBOTIX has developed the FlatMount Frame. Once the FlatMount Frame (available in black or white) has been installed, all that can be seen is a slim 12 mm frame of varnished synthetic material around the unit. The FlatMount Frame also has an electromagnetic theft protection and can be used to install door station modules in indoor and outdoor applications. When installing in hollow walls, you can use the FlatMount Frame to install the MxDisplay without any other accessories. In order to flush-mount the device in stone walls, you can use the In-Wall housing designed for the FlatMount Frame (width x height 112 x 112 mm, depth 60 mm).

Touchscreen Viewing Station for the IP Video Door Station

MxDisplay serves as a wall-mountable remote viewing station for the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station and cameras. Here are just a few of the many features available within the display:

1. Group or camera bar: Perfect preview of all available cameras and groups.

2. Layout area: supporting grid, graphic and info view: Major display area for grid layout including focus and grid windows, graphic view supporting intuitive layout constructions with symbols and background images as well as an information screen where support, emergency or/and additional project information is displayed. All 3 views can be toggled and selected with a single click.

3. Intelligent event bar: Chronological preview of all recordings and events. The complete bar can be suppressed or displayed. All previews can be directly selected or filtered and sorted by cameras and type of events. With Drag&Drop every recording can be moved into focus window for live view or player view for deeper analysis. Vice versa, complete groups or selected cameras can be dragged into the event bar for event research.

4. Command bar: Includes all buttons for different views, player and research, history, layout editing, management and control functions.

Power Player Technology

MxMC includes different player and research tools to provide fastest results on events and recordings, comfortable research and indepth analysis.

Research Player allows high-speed rewind and fast forward for “on-the-spot“ and “Jog-Dial“ search with speeds of up to 16 times. Efficient time lapse provides extremely fast results even during longer history periods with selectable steps from minutes up to days. Search and analysis can be conducted by time, date or range. Investigations across all cameras can be arranged by reference time with the pin symbol.

Another powerful research tool is the so-called Grid Player where all cameras are placed into player mode, showing all recordings synchronized with the search criteria of the camera in the focus window

Another big innovation is the MOBOTIX Instant Player, providing immediate access to the last 25 events in all grid windows without changing the layout view. This new Instant Player gives “on-the-spot“ access to camera recordings in every layout where a live camera is monitored.

Intelligent Configuration

MxMC includes a complete user interface to manage all parameters of all MOBOTIX products. No web browser is required in the future. MxMC provides a sorted overview of all devices and parameters and supports visual control and Drag&Drop configuration of cameras and complete groups. Furthermore MxMC supports intelligent parameter sorting and verification of configurations which will drastically reduce installation and configuration costs.

Multi-Monitor Capability

MxMC supports setup and arrangement of dual or multi-monitor installations without any extra software costs. A simple doubleclick leads to the second monitor. Or MxMC is able to detect multiple monitors from differentPCs in the network and can define target monitors for individual cameras or views. This is a perfect tool to setup and manage monitor wall systems in the most competitive and flexible way.

Multi Slider – Major Selection Tool

MOBOTIX has revolutionized selection and control of parameters. Multi Sliders enable users to manage multiple parameters in one selection line. Multi Sliders are available in grid, graphics and player view as well as in all different research and configuration screens.

Multi Slider is the fastest selection tool to define image settings, zoom views, set aspect ratios or to filter events and cameras. Multi Slider buttons provide also “jump tags“ via context menus for direct selection.