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Meshmade is the official Mobotix Partner in Cyprus, providing the optimum security solutions with its IP Security Cameras

Mobotix Display

For Viewing & Device Management. The Smart Phone On The Wall.

MxDisplay is a wall-mountable Building Automation Server with touchscreen display, incorporating WiFi and RFID functionality. From this central glass console,you can add and configure all MOBOTIX devices. Multiple MxDisplayscan be wirelessly connected, each being powered via PoE.

MxDisplay is often referred to as a “smart phone on the wall” because it can be operated using swipe and zoom gesture control, just like a smart phone. With a few swipes, the user can see an overview of several cameras, retrieve the latest video messages or create a new access transponder card for a visitor. MxDisplay fits into the frames and housing of the door station modules and the FlatMount Frame.

For Viewing & Device Management. The Smart Phone On The Wall.

FlatMount Frame – elegant frame for flush-mounting the MxDisplay

In order to flush-mount the MxDisplay in a building and at the same time maintain its sleek design, MOBOTIX has developed the FlatMount Frame. Once the FlatMount Frame (available in black or white) has been installed, all that can be seen is a slim 12 mm frame of varnished synthetic material around the unit. The FlatMount Frame also has an electromagnetic theft protection and can be used to install door station modules in indoor and outdoor applications. When installing in hollow walls, you can use the FlatMount Frame to install the MxDisplay without any other accessories. In order to flush-mount the device in stone walls, you can use the In-Wall housing designed for the FlatMount Frame (width x height 112 x 112 mm, depth 60 mm).

Touchscreen Viewing Station for the IP Video Door Station

MxDisplay serves as a wall-mountable remote viewing station for the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station and cameras. Here are just a few of the many features available within the display:

Instant Live View & Access. Control of multiple Door Stations and cameras via a single MxDisplay.

Quick Event Overview. MxDisplay shows at one glance which and how many events were recorded.

Playback Messages & Alarm Events. Finger-swipe scrolling through recorded video clips.

Access & Device Configuration. Central management of cameras and access control systems.

Part No.: MX-Display1-EXT-PW