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Meshmade is the official Mobotix Partner in Cyprus, providing the optimum security solutions with its IP Security Cameras

DualDome D15

Two lenses, two HiRes image sensors, internal storage and a dual image of maximum 12.5 megapixels make the D15D DualDome an efficient security solution: You can secure two different areas with just one camera, for example. All without vulnerable mechanical components!

NEW 180° Panoramic View With 10MP :

The new D15D-180° features a redesigned panorama lens bridge with two fixed L23 HD Premium lenses which are installed in the factory with an f/1.8 aperture and an image angle of 90°. As a result, this new camera delivers a high-resolution 180° panorama image and is corrected by means of the integrated camera software. The D15Di-SEC-180 is available in Secure configuration with two 5MP day sensors (color) and as D15Di-SEC-Night-180 with two 5MP night sensors (black/white) that have an even higher degree of light sensitivity. The maximum image size (live and in recordings) is ten megapixels (5184 × 1944 pixels).